Silly Willys Magnetic Thinking Putty

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This ain’t your parent’s boring “silly” putty! Taken to the next level of awesomeness, Silly Willy’s Magnetic Thinking Putty is more than ordinary kid’s slime.  Infused with a gagillion microscopic sized magnets, Silly Willy’s Magnetic Thinking Putty can be made into ANY shape that is 100 percent magnetic.   It can be stretched, molded, smashed, squished and squeezed into whatever your imagination can dream up.  You can even use a magnet to make the slime move without even touching it; ITS ALIVE.  This gooey slim provides hours of educational and silly fun.  Ages 8+ Available in 6 different silly colors!



  • Comes in 6 Silly and Wacky Colors
  • Comes with one magnet, iron plated box and 50g of Magnetic Slime
  • Mold into any shape and never looses it’s stretchiness
  • Fuels the imagination and provides hours of fun

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